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I’ve posted several times about the potential effectiveness of soy isoflavones for safely relieving certain symptoms such as hot flashes. You can find those posts here.

Evidence now suggests that the benefits of soy may extend beyond troublesome menopause symptoms.  In fact, it appears that eating soy foods may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer after menopause.

In this study, published in February’s American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers examined 68,412 women (ages 40 to 70) who were cancer- and diabetes-free at the start of the trial. Information on soy food intake was assessed at the start and then at follow up through in-person interviews and questionnaires.

Over the entire study, 321 colorectal cancer cases were identified. However, after adjusting any factors that might skew the results, the researchers found that:

  • Total soy food intake was associated with a lower risk for developing colorectal cancer
  • For each 5 gram increase daily in soy foods (~1 oz tofu), there was an 8% reduction in cancer risk
  • The association between intake of soy foods and lowered colorectal cancer risk was mostly seen in post-menopausal women

Similar results were also observed for soy protein intake and isoflavones.

These promising findings suggest the potential to not only glean benefit from eating soy-rich foods during menopause but also well beyond menopause. Encouraging news!


  1. 2-6-2009

    One thing to think about with soy. I had some issues several years ago with an enlarged fibroid (was drinking 8 oz soy a day for hot flashes) – had me on the verge of a hysterectomy when I found some other women online talking about how soy had somehow affected the size of their fibroid. In my case once I stopped drinking it – I did have some shrinking. This is not scientific (but it should be) just an alert for those out there with fibroid issues. Something to consider and monitor on your own.

  2. 2-6-2009

    Excellent and important comment Beth! Ladies – be sure to speak to your practitioner if you are using soy for hot flashes and be sure to monitor how things are going. None of these solutions are right for everyone.

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