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I’ve decided to hold a contest to ring in the new and let go of the old.

Please email me or add a comment (with your name/email address) about what Flashfree post resonated the most this year. If I get enough feedback, I’ll draw names out of a hat and announce the post on December 30. Winner gets a $25 itunes card to insure that the New Year launches with a rocking start.

Voting closes at midnight, 12-31 and the winner will be announced on 1-1-09.

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  1. 12-29-2008

    I’m currently in a dead-end job; supervising a staff of 15 just 3 years ago, outsourcing and layoffs have left my department with…me, and I answer the phones, when it rings occasionally. I feel paralyzed about looking for a new job, finding an employer that will accommodate my personal responsibilities (Mom’s alzheimer’s, sister’s illness). Worse yet, I don’t even want another job, I want to sell everything I own, hole up in a studio, and paint until I have enough for a show.

    That said, I’ve enjoyed your reviews of Patty Digh’s 37 days, and have added it to my New Year’s reading list!

  2. 12-29-2008

    wow, gnightgirl, i hear you. my post tomorrow is something that may help. I will send you the link after it is up.

    I agree that the Patty Digh interviews were terrific, but I have another personal fave. I sent this one to all my girls:

    October 21st Wednesday Bubble: Midlife is not a four-letter word!

  3. 12-29-2008

    I am a relatively new male reader. I have found this site informative and refreshing. What resonated for me is the topic of menopause is a topic for men: to better understand the woman’s ‘journey’ thru menopause and some of the medical aspects of this life changing time but most importantly because reading this post has framed my life experiences/passages in relation to women I know and love who have experienced and are going through menopause.
    Thanks Liz for sharing your knowledge, insights and perspective.


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