Having a hot flash?

Posted by on Jul 1, 2008 in hot flash | 5 comments

Why not try a cleavage cooler? I ran across this nifty product this afternoon.

All you do is take the paks, stick ’em in the freezer and then tote them around. When a hot flash hits, you simply take out a cooler pak and shove it in your bra. Voila! Instant cooling.

I think that the last thing I think I’d desire is an ice pack in my bra.  Sort of like rubber chickens for the menopausal set, right?!


  1. 7-1-2008

    Liz, you are way to funny. That is not to say I am not going to try this!

  2. 7-1-2008

    Amy – if you try it, I want a report!

  3. 7-4-2008

    Wouldn’t there be a good chance they’d get warm by the time you might need them?

    Even so, I don’t think sounds like a good option for me!

  4. 6-15-2011

    I use my Cleavage Coolers almost daily. They work really well and are ready tote even in the smallest purses. Mine came two to a pack with a matching thermal case that keeps them cold for hours. Great for crowded events, dinners, beach, sleep, golf…everywhere. The fabric covers are darling and come in lots of different themes – or just plain solids of black or white, which is what I use as they are hardly detectable. Gals around here who have undergone breast surgery say they work to help sooth the pain. Glad I didn’t knock ’em til I tried ’em. I’m a big fan. Now I’l check out the not-so-hot fans.

    • 6-15-2011

      Hi Sue.Thanks for letting us know that cleavage coolers are actually effective… and love the idea of soothing breast cancer pain!


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