How many changes of clothing?

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How many changes of clothing do women in the midst of hot flash heaven take to work? I’ve heard of numbers ranging from one up to three. Guess it depends on how often you’re flashing, right?

Recently, I ran across this interesting site for COOLMAX apparel. COOLMAX is a wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the body while promoting its absorption. What this means for the wearer is that you will stay cooler despite the sweat. Now mind you, while several sites carry COOLMAX clothing, it tends to run on the more casual side and may not be appropriate as work attire. Nor has it moved into high fashion arena as of yet.

COOLMAX is only one of numerous wicking fabrics that have been used in recent years for athletic gear and are now moving into other markets. Several companies cater to women who experience hot flashes and night sweats and in coming weeks, I’m going to highlight a few (and rate a few as well!).

A quick search revealed a cute tank top to wear under jackets (although the rest of their wares are bit too conservative for my taste!), Sierra Trading Post carries a COOLMAX long sleeved top and a tank that are not bad looking.

Look, this apparel is definitely not geared towards the fashionista and I’m hoping that as more and more women start opening up about what’s going on, that designers will start to listen and accommodate.

In the interim, it may be prudent to start the day with loose, cotton clothing in several layers, if work allows. As you flash, remove a layer or two. And be sure to have an ’emergency’ kit with moist towelettes on-hand so that you can change clothing and feel fresher.


  1. 5-23-2008

    I’m lucky to work at home – so I can change as often as I want. Now my laundry problem is another story…

  2. 5-24-2008

    Wendy – me too!

  3. 4-16-2013

    I really appreciate sharing this great post.


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