Got the blues?

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Everybody who knows me knows that I’m an exercise junkie. If I don’t have my daily dose, well, I go a bit batty and my mood starts that slow decline into a fetal ball of yuck. Well, good news. Study findings suggests that daily exercise not only helps alleviate the effect of general life-stressors, but it may actually do wonders for symptoms too. What’s more, that regular social interaction between sisters tends to improve overall quality of life.

So the next time the blues start grabbing hold, well, get your body moving…


  1. 5-16-2008

    Funny! I don’t think I’m that far away from singing that song!

  2. 5-16-2008

    Love Cybil…she never could carry a tune, though…Getting old really
    sucks…I tried Remifem for the first 6 months and it really worked for me.
    Probably a placebo effect but nonetheless. Hate exercise but have to admit it
    helps me. Also, outside time in the sun without sunscreen for half an hour
    does wonders. The best remedy is hot sex. If we could only bottle THAT.

    Love your blog. ellen

  3. 5-16-2008

    Mary – delay for as long as you can girlfriend and then join the club! There’s a spot for you!

    Ellen – hot sex? Always works for what ails!

  4. 5-20-2008

    Speaking of sex, I was in the throes of a 4-star orgasm a couple weeks ago and – swear to God – had a hot flash while orgasming. It was the first time in history my face pulsated as much heat as my va-j-j. Brought a whole new meaning to hot sex. My lover didn’t know whether to pound his chest like a victorious King Kong or keep his head buried under the covers until it was safe to come out. I settled the matter by throwing off the bedclothes and gasping — through laughter, orgasm, and sweat — for air!

  5. 11-17-2008

    What a hoot! I wondered what Cybil had been up to – now I know! Agree with all about the exercise. Nothing beats the blues or stress like a good sweat, except perhaps a great romp in the bedroom!


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